Malta's largest book in print on Maltese recipes

For the reader, Welcome (Merhba),

If you want to add a delicious cookbook from around the world to your collection, Taste Malta is for you. From a great country comes great food, lovely people, a rich history and many sunny days - we bring you Malta on your plate!

A very special thank you to all the lovely contributors who helped create this book. These cooking enthusiasts, young and old, from all over Malta and Gozo, as well as Maltese living in the UK, Canada and Australia, have shared our beloved traditional Maltese recipes.

These step-by-step recipes are suitable for all occasions and will bring back fond memories of previous or recent visits to Malta for many.

This cookbook contains wonderful hot and cold Maltese dishes handed down from our Maltese and Gozatian ancestors. 

Many recipes were introduced during the time of the island's conquerors and rulers, the Phoenicians, the Arabs, the Order of Knights, the French, the Italians and the British presence.

It's our honor to pass on our culture and history in our dishes and we're happy to present our traditional dishes at Maltese festivals and religious celebrations on the islands and at Maltese events around the world.

Enjoy your meal!